Houston Autorama 2010


Well, how far back do I have to go with this story?????

As you have seen in our earlier stories, we won the 1930 Chevy NYPD Paddy Wagon (replica) at the National Packard Museum in Warren Ohio back in July 2009.

We had joined the Vintage Chevrolet Club and they had graciously invited us to bring 'Mariah' to Houston Autorama 2010.  The Club has 6 spaces near the front door.

'Chip' and Kathy Sweet were most kind in trailering 'Mariah' to the event.  When we arrived at the George Brown Convention Center, we were assigned a category of

'restored pickup truck'.  Being new to the show....WE DIDN'T QSK QUESTIONS!!!!...we just unloaded and drove to the club spot.

It was a lot of fun....we participated in staffing the booth to talk to the visitors and sign up new menbers.

Here's a few pics of the setup....