August 2014 Cessna Pilot's Association Journal

When I bought 'Big Red' (N1025M) from an aircraft broker in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1984, I was told that it had been owned by the inventor of the Frisbee.

There was no Internet in 1984 and I had no easy way to research the legend.

Years passed and I never thought about the story....until 2012, when I was working on the paperwork for the annual inspection.

I searched the internet for the history of the Frisbee and found the name, Walter Morrison....the same name as in my log books.

In June of 2013 I was reading the official publication of the Cessna Pilot's Association and saw the edior's request for stories.

To make a long story short, the August issue featured Big Red, Madeleine, Gail and I.

We even made the Center-fold.