November 2009

Story goes back to about 1993.

Clive Cussler, noted Best Seller Author, called me because he had just purchased a 1936 Packard Twelve LeBaron Town Car.
Clive had heard through the CCCA that I was the Roster Keeper for the '35-37 LeBarons and he wanted to know if I had any data on his car. (unfortunately, I did not!)

Leap forward to Christmas 2003...I  am on a Delta flight to Florida to join a high school classmate, who became a Catholic Priest and in retirement is serving as Chaplain on Princess Lines' Flagship, Grand Princess, for a one week cruise to Cancun.  I am reading Clive's novel, Valhalla Rising, which starts out with a 'state of the art' cruise ship burning to smithereens after a fire starts in the CHAPEL!!! 
I stop reading the book....too spooky a coincidence!

Leap forward to a month ago....I decide to re-read the book, and before I finish it, I start a letter to Clive.

Leap forward to yesterday (November 17, 2009).....Gail reads in the Houston paper that Clive will be doing a book signing in Houston TONIGHT!.

Today I finished the letter that had been started.....and tonight we went to the signing and hand delivered the letter to Clive.

We chatted a few minutes about Packard Town Cars, but had to cut it short because there were 150 in line.

Keep smiling....

Bob and Gail

p.s. Clive has a collection of 87 cars in his museum in Colorado.