first trip

in april 2004 lauren was getting married in washinton, d.c. where she lived.

since gail had a sister in the d.c. suburb of reston, we decided to go together and do a road trip.

we loaded up the isuzu...including the laptop....and headed northeast.

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with the laptop, gail was able to continue running the office building....with none of the tenants knowing that she was not in her office.

i have forgotten the first part of the route, but i remember that we drove the entire length of the skyline drive/blue ridge parkway.


it was common to see deer grazing along the side of the road.

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we spent a few days in the dc area, and i showed gail the house that i bought in 1968.

i had planted the big trees in the back yard, and the left side of the house was a 2 car garage.

later we drove down to fredericksburg, va.

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we stopped by my birthplace. the mary washington hospital was built in 1928 on the banks of the rappahanock river.
around the '50s it was outdated, so a new hospital was built on the north side of town. for years the original u-shaped building was boarded up. fortunately, in the '90s it was purchased and converted to an exclusive set of condos.

from there, we drove down to the farm so that i could introduce gail to uncle bill .

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from there, we drove down to the farm so that i could introduce gail to uncle bill .

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during the visit, i took uncle bill for a ride with gail's laptop on his lap. the gps program even showed the farm driveway up to the house.

it was imperative that we stop by the university of richmond.
two months earlier, we had our apartment carpeted with the end of the roll of carpet that was designed for....and installed in the jewish community center at the university.

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we then drove down to kitty hawk, nc to see the memorial to the wright brothers.

just as houston and chicago have painted cows, ohio has decorated 1937 packard goddess of speed..... kitty hawk has flying horses.

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from there we continued to charlotte, nc and visited the air museum.

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it is not a very fancy museum, but it did have some unique aircraft and articles on display.

then we headed south and stopped at the pensacola naval air museum.
needless to say, this is a great museum.

this flying boat is an of the 4 that were the first to fly across the atlantic.
they had the ability to land on the water for refueling several times.

our last noteable stop was in new orleans. we spent an evening walking around bourbon street.... looking into shop windows.

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we had a great trip and decided that we would have many more exciting times together.

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