Our Indy Adventure......2011

It all started back in September 2010. While reading one of my car publications, I saw a small article announcing the Indianapolis Speedway Centennial to be held May 12,2011.  The article went on to request 250 special race oriented cars to apply for admission to the event.

While in a joking mood, I sent in this picture of Lazarus, with the comment....

"While this LeBaron was certainly never a race car.....it most probably was used by a race car owner...to get to the Speedway."

Much to our amazement, we received the formal invitation to participate.

By this time, we had already agreed to show both Lazarus and Mariah at the local Concours....Keels and Wheels....May 4th and 5th 2011.  We would have not much time to relax before we would be heading North for the May 12 Celebration.

In the background you can see Gail  talking to our friends, Colonel Tom and Brigadier General Joy. 
(Boy, is Gail a real trouper....finishing one car show and 5 days later traveling 1000 miles to another show!)

Since the Mississippi was flooding at that time, we made the decision to go North through Arkansas.

Unfortunately we had not done any research, and discovered that the Arkansas rivers were also flooding.

At one point, we were driving on a 2 lane road behind a couple of 18 wheelers.  A flagman stopped us ...road blocked ahead...follow the trucks a couple of miles on the dirt road.

Little did we realize that a mile down the road we would be driving on a single lane on top of a levee with a swollen river on one side, and a 20' embackment on the other side. We held our breath, hoping the trucks ahead would not collapse the levee.  After about 5 miles, we finally descended and got back onto a paved county road. Notice that the truck ahead of us takes up the whole road.

Eventually, we got back to I-55, but were surprised to see all the sand bags lining the Interstate.  The Mississippi was actually flowing over the pavement...about 6"....so we can now relate to the early settlers of the West....WE,TOO, HAVE HAD THE EXPERIENCE OF FORDING THE MISSISSIPPI!!!!!!!!


Here we need to  interject that we have some friends (Charlie and Deb) who are big into competition racing.
When we first told them about our invitation, they begged us to let them ride with us.  We thought it would be fun, and Charlie brought his mini-camera to document our lap around the famous Indy track.

We were supposed to drive around the track, single file at 30 mph.  We were on the 4th turn and Gail exclaimed....'We are on a race track.....PASS somebody!!!!'

It just so happened that we were following a blue 1948 Tucker.  Fortunately, Charlie and Deb were in the back seat of  Lazarus and were able to snap pictures of the back and front of the Tucker.

(this particular Tucker sold at auction in March 2012 for $2,900,000)

Here is the Official photo as we crossed the line of bricks.

After parking Lazarus for the night, we went up into the grandstands and watched a most memorable event.

There were 8-10 original racers from each decade...teens, twenties, thirties, fourties....
Each group was allowed to do 10 laps on the track.  Everyone has seen photos from the old days, but to actaully watch and hear them was an unexpected thrill.  Fortunately, I had my camcorder handy to document them as they passed by.

Thanks for getting this far down in the episode....hope you enjoyed it...


Bob and Gail