Cessna 182-P "Big Red"

This is one great airplane!! I have owned it since 1983.


I had the privilege of riding this warbird from Houston to Harlingen, Tx. We took off from West Houston airport, heading southwest. A minute out, I spied Covey Trails approaching on my left as we began to climb thru 2600'. I went to take a picture. Rick shook his finger "NO!". Moments later we peeled off to the left....Steeply headed downward in a power dive as the Packard Merlin engine screamed...... Leveling off at 75' we streaked down the runway..as the hangers blurred by at 350 mph. I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I thought..."WOW! This if FUN!" Climbing up to 6500' we leveled off and headed southwest. A loop...a roll....my FIRST-EVER aerobatics... Minutes later I took control, and for 20 minutes held course...with one slight deviation...a 360 degree turn to the right..just to get the feel of this nimple machine. Needless to say...an experience to remember....and cherish.


My new neighbor has this plane. On Sunday, Nov 28,1999, a neighbor took me for a ride in it. 13,000 were made; this is one of 33 that are still flying. It was like driving a sports car; just touch the stick and it would respond. This could be addictive!

Labor Day 1999...Flying the Tri-Motor

I decided to get a ride over Auburn, IN. I managed to get the Right Seat and the pilot gave me the controls for about 15 minutes. It was a great experience flying the 'Tin Goose'.

Instrumentation in the Ford was rather meager.

Everybody's favorite...the DC-3

This particular aircraft was originally the personal aircraft for a General Happ Arnold, Head of the Air Corps. It was never a troop transport. I had the opportunity to fly it on a flight to and from Sonora, Texas. It was a spine tingling experience to be at the controls of this Classic Aircraft.

Stinson Tri-Motor

LaborDay 1992 this Stinson was giving rides at Auburn Indiana. I managed to get the right seat and enjoyed a few minutes of flying this great antique.

1929 Fleet


On Oct 12, 2002 I wangled a ride in this plane at the Bealton Flying Circus in Bealton, VA. It has a Kinner engine that sounds like a washing machine. The pilot took it off and landed it, but I had the pleasure of maneuvering it for 30 minutes. What a hoot!


1943 Stearman

This Stearman belongs to a friend. The picture was taken from the deck.

He had flown in one Sunday afternoon and took Gail and I for rides

I had 15 minutes of stick time in this beauty.


1942 Waco UPF-7

August 26, 2002 the owner of this beautiful Waco came to Covey Trails in his beautiful Waco (pronounced Wock-o). I traded him a ride in his wings for a ride in my Packard. Very responsive to the controls...I can see how someone can get addicted to open air flying.

Final Approach to the Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida

I didn't get to be an astronaut, but on July 30, 1999 I did get to fly the approach at the Cape. I was permitted to fly down to 500' and then fly the entire 3 miles of the runway. After having worked on the shuttle for 17 years, it was quite a thrill to execute this approach.

Stinson 108

This is my neighbor's Stinson. Gail took the picture one day when we were flying back from the beach in May 2005. In July we went up for a flight and I got to handle the controls.

L-29 Delfin

This is a Russian designed, Czech-built, military jet trainer called the 'L-29 Delfin'. Two of my neighbors own them. In April 2005 I had a ride and was permitted to fly this one. It was birthday present from Gail.


This EXACT Stearman was hangared next to me in Friendswood, TX back in 1992.

I have 15 minutes at the controls of this great bird.

It is a modified PT-17 with a 450hp engine.

The picture here shows the Stearman after it had just flown under a bridge on I-10 East of San Antonio.

It is the opening scene of the movie "Second Hand Lions".

On May 17, 2014 we visited the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, TX and saw the plane in the collection.

It was fun telling other visitors the story of flying THAT plane.

1943 Staggerwing

This is a 1943 Staggerwing. On April 15, 2006 the owner flew into Covey Trails and we went for a ride. I had right seat control for 20 minutes.