our wedding......

well, you probably read the story about our trip to england in may 2008. you know that i asked gail to marry me.

unfortunately, over the following months, medical issues preempted a formal ceremony, time after time.

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in december we had our rings made.

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finally, may 4, we resolved to 'force the issue'...we went to the county clerk and got our marriage license.

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it just so happened that gail's grandson, chet, was getting married at a beautiful 1905 mansion/wedding facility on may 30, 2009.

the night before, after a glass of wine....gail suggested....let's bring our rings and license along...just in case there is an 'opportunity'!

it was a beautiful day....the garden ceremony for chet and christina went as planned.

as the minister was about to leave, gail tugged at my jacket..."go ask if he will do another one."

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"not me!" i replied...

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...so gail ran after him and tapped him on the shoulder...

as he turned around, she asked.."can you do another ceremony?"

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"welllll.......you have to have a license..."

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"welllll.......you have to have a license..."

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"no problem....it's in the car!"

after checking with the owner of the facility, he came back and invited us inside for a private ceremony.

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on june 14, we participated in a concours d'elegance in houston. a benefit for the shriner's hospitals for children in the air conditioned reliant stadium.

we took the lebaron town car and dressed appropriately.

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it is unknown who was photographed more frequently....gail and i, or the lalique hood ornament, "chrysis" .

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