1947 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

This is an all original car, believed to be one of two existant 1947 Roadmaster Estate Wagons.
It has been in the same family in New Mexico for 50 years.
I had the privilege of driving it Christmas Day, 2010.


1919 Packard TwinSix Landaulet by Graff

This is the oldest automobile I have ever driven.
I had the opportunity on April 7, 2000.

1931 Duesenberg Convertible Victoria by Rollston

This magnificient automobile was originally owned by Ralph Pulitzer, Sr., son of Joseph Pulitzer, who established the Pulitzer Prize for outstanding journalism.
I had the privilege of driving it in September 1999.

1932 Duesenberg, body by ...........

This rakish car originally started out as a town car. Unfortunately, in the 50s the body suffered considerable damage in a fire. The owner found sketches of this body, designed in the 30s, but never created, so in 1962, this body was created.

I had the privilege of driving this car on January 6, 2000.

1940 Packard Darrin

This highly desireable Packard was owned by MGM Studios and used in numerous movies, one of which was "Running Wild" starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.
I had the privilege of driving it on Jan 9, 2000.

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