My chariot

On October 12, 1999 I had the privilege of joining my friend, Rick Sharpe and his copilot in a flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a great trip, though it was a bit tiring. We flew from Houston to New Orleans to pick up a few passengers. From there, it was non-stop. Had another opportunity to make the trip on December 14.

Night view of N57RD

We left Houston about 8pm, and arrived in Halifax around 6am. After passing Boston, we were fortunate to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, my camcorder could not capture the display.

Me and the plane in Halifax

We had a 4 hour layover and returned to Houston, via New Orleans.

Corporate Comfort

The trip is made every three weeks to change drilling rig crews who man the offshore rigs in the Halifax area.

Business End

I was privileged to earn 18 hours of Right seat time on three flights....Great experience!!!

Pilot's Privilege

Each member of the crew was given a box of 6 two pound lobsters. Real sea lobsters complete with barnacles on the claws. Check out the size of those claws!!